Kimono Spirit

Jax Loring works at home importing vintage silk kimono and obi sash from Japan then upcycling the fabric into lampshades and cushions.

Recently she has developed a range of silk scarves, combining fabric from two kimonos into one scarf and is working on a series of wall hangings made from furisode kimonos. Very limited numbers are made from each kimono making items unique and truly bespoke.

"Kimonos are my passion; the luxurious feel of the soft silk, the simplicity of design, the myriad patterns created using traditional Japanese iconic symbols: blossom, flowers, butterflies, fans. Nothing delights me more than when a client also falls in love with the pattern."

Jax also enjoys working with Japanese washi paper, the patterns echoing those on kimonos. 

Everything is handmade in rural Oxfordshire.

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